The F.A.C.T. Program: Arming You in the Fight Against Anemia

Farm Anemia Certification Training, or F.A.C.T. is an exclusive value added Uniferon 200 program offering U.S. swine producers help in identifying the facts concerning the blood hemoglobin assays and the potential sub-clinical and full-scale iron deficiency anemia status of their herds.

Combining DVM services and blood hemoglobin assays, the program delivers over $2500 of value to Uniferon customers for free.

A central element in the program is the herd-level measurement of blood hemoglobin, but it also provides a comprehensive view of the potential sub-clinical and full-scale iron deficiency anemia status for today’s swine production operations, which provides injectable iron knowledge resources, in addition to the following:

    • Accurate blood hemoglobin on-site measurements

    • Assay results in 30 seconds

    • Tools for getting started

    • Education on the role of iron in physiology and nutrition

    • Calculation of iron requirements for individual baby pigs

    • Baby pig iron administration / injection technique

    • Field training for staff

    • Pharmacosmos, or its marketing partners will bring the experts and knowledge right to your farm

    • Comprehensive view of nutrition, health, and welfare status of your baby pigs, including the potential side effects of mycotoxins, vitamin deficiencies, and viruses

    • Access to research reports

    • Conduct of field trials and studies as necessary

For more information about the F.A.C.T. program, please contact National Sales and Business Director, Jimmy Heisel.