Quality Iron for Your Baby Pigs

Uniferon 200

The #1 Iron (III) Dextran Complex Injection, 200 mg/mL product for baby pigs

The Uniferon® 200 Advantage

Uniferon 200 is an injectable iron supplement manufactured in the same plant and on the same production line as FDA-approved human iron (lll) dextran product to meet the highest quality standards:

Supports increased body weight at weaning through finishing;

Fully absorbed;

Supports optimal average daily gain (ADG);

Provides iron for vigorous growth on an all-milk diet; and

Less than one adverse event report received per 100 million doses sold in the U.S.

Uniferon 200


Sub-Clinical and Full-Scale Iron Deficiency Anemia

$2.77 may not sound like much, but it really adds up when you consider that's how much profit you could be losing due to iron deficiencies for each baby pig you eventually ship to market.

Let us show you the math!



Farm Anemia Certification and Training

Our F.A.C.T. program offers swine producers from all over the world, expert advice on identifying the anemia status of their herd and a best practice protocol with focus on iron status and iron treatment. Working closely with production managers and swine veterinarians, this program is a fast and accurate way to eliminate guesswork.

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