Farm Anemia Certification Training

F.A.C.T is a program which offers swine breeders in the US, help to identify the facts concerning the anemia/iron status of their herd. A central element in the program is the herd level measurement of hemoglobin. Our F.A.C.T program provides:


  • Accurate hemoglobin pen-side measurements
  • Clinical results in 30 seconds
  • Tools for getting started


  • Education on role of iron in physiology
  • Calculating iron requirements of individual baby pigs
  • Baby pig handling
  • Iron administration/injection technique
  • Field training for staff, advisors and consultants


  • 360˚ view of welfare and health status of baby pigs including the influential effects of mycotoxins, vitamins & viruses.
  • Access to research reports
  • Conducting trials and studies as necessary