New National Sales Manager for Uniferon®

January 4, 2013

Announcing our new National Sales Manager in U.S. for Uniferon® Mr. Jimmy Heisel.

Uniferon was introduced in the US in 2011 and it has become a world leading Iron Injectable product for baby pigs. It is the goal of Pharmacosmos to establish a stronger market position in U.S. for Uniferon® in 2013 and in the years to come.

Pharmacosmos is excited to announce that Mr. Jimmy Heisel will be joining our U.S. team at Pharmacosmos Inc., New Jersey, as National Sales Manager for Uniferon starting January 1, 2013.

Jimmy comes from a successful position as Senior Sales Representative at Abbott Animal Health, a division of Abbott Laboratories. He has expertise in product marketing with strong commitment of enforcing Uniferon's US market position and generating sustained, profitable sales growth of the product.  We believe these skills will make Jimmy a valuable addition to our team

Pharmacosmos'   collaboration with partner accounts, and Ivesco as preferred distribution partner, has generated impressive results.  It is Jimmy's role to establish and retain long-term relationships with partners, swine producers and veterinarians.  He will also focus his efforts on facilitating information on best quality procedures to prevent sub-clinical and full-scale iron deficiency anemia, which is as practiced by globally leading swine producers and veterinarians.

Pharmacosmos looks forward to strengthen its U.S. operations with the addition of Jimmy Heisel as the National Sales Manager.  The transition and integration of a full-time Sales Manager will reinforce our commitment to top-notch customer service and awareness on the importance of Uniferon in the Swine Industry.

Mr. Arnold Baker, our U.S. Business Consultant, has been a tremendous asset on the introduction and marketing of Uniferon in the U.S.  We thank him for his efforts and direction.

"We look forward to welcoming Jimmy as a pivotal part of our global Uniferon team. We see Jimmy's joining our company as a natural next step in our penetration of the U.S. market said Jens Fabricius, Vice President, Marketing & Business Operations at Pharmacosmos A/S".

"Uniferon has undoubtedly experienced a most remarkable and impressive entry onto the U.S. market and Uniferon is today top of shelf almost anywhere. My vow is to expand this position and make Uniferon top of mind as well, enforcing the brand's position in order to generate additional sales," said Jimmy Heisel.

"I look forward to expanding nationwide personal service and direct support to swine producers and veterinary clinics in order to prevent or eliminate the sub-clinical and full-scale effects of iron deficiency anemia in baby pigs," said Jimmy Heisel.

Pharmacosmos is dedicated to developing and marketing leading iron deficiency treatments for both humans and animals. The company focuses on researching and improving treatment options by building on industry best practices. Pharmacosmos has an extensive network of partners in more than 50 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Thank you for welcoming Mr. Jimmy Heisel.

About Injectable Iron

Baby pigs are very susceptible to iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, iron deficiency anemia in litters of baby pigs poses a risk to both animal health, welfare, and productivity. An injection of iron shortly after farrowing is an effective and is a globally established "best practices method" utilized to prevent iron deficiency anemia in baby pigs.

About Uniferon 200

Uniferon 200 is a modern and much improved iron hydrogenated dextran, based upon a very low impurity profile formulation, whereby this source of injectable iron for baby pigs has been approved by numerous healthcare authorities for global use.

Pharmacosmos manufactures iron dextran of high quality and unique purity, which is distributed to human and animal drug customers worldwide. Uniferon 200 is the only injectable iron brand for baby pigs approved by healthcare authorities in the EU, in the U.S. and in Asia.

About Pharmacosmos

Pharmacosmos Inc, located in Watchung, NJ as a fully owned subsidiary of Pharmacosmos A/S. is dedicated to the sales of veterinary pharmaceuticals for the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency Anemia, including Uniferon 200.

Headquartered in Holbaek, Denmark, Pharmacosmos A/S is a family-owned, international healthcare company with more than 50 years of innovation and leadership in iron- and carbohydrate-based treatments and solutions for human and animal use.

A research-based company, the Pharmacosmos A/S ongoing R&D program focuses on improving the lives of patients with sub-clinical and full-scale iron deficiency anemia. More than 1 billion people live with iron deficiency anemia and it is the leading cause of death for an estimated 180,000 people world-wide every year. This makes sub-clinical and full-scale iron deficiency anemia one of the largest global health challenges of the current time.

Pharmacosmos A/S has subsidiaries in the US, China, Nordics, Germany, UK and Ireland, and its products are marketed in more than 80 countries around the world. The Pharmacosmos A/S manufacturing facilities located in Denmark have supported global healthcare authority approvals, among others, by the Danish Medicines Agency and the U.S. FDA.