Uniferon® 200

Fast and simple iron administration

Uniferon® 200 is approved for use at 1 to 3 days of age. With 200 mg of iron in each 1 mL injection you provide your baby pigs the iron they need to grow fast and stay healthy.

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Faster growth and weight gainOptimal growth, weight gain and investment protection - In conjunction with an adequate supply of fully nutritious sow's milk during the lactation period, or the pre-weaning phase of growth, Uniferon® 200 supports increased body weights of the baby pigs at weaning.  These increased body weights at weaning also support increased body weights at the end of the creep feeding /nursery phase of growth, which yields increased profits for swine producers.

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Proven results - Uniferon® 200's very positive effects have been documented in trials that follow Good Clinical Practice guidelines for clinical trials in animals.

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Improved health - With just one injection of Uniferon® 200, you can give your baby pigs all the iron they need for normal healthy, vigorous growth through the critical pre-weaning period.

Uniferon® 200 is a globally recognized 200 mg/mL veterinary iron supplement that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S.

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